The First Presbyterian Church of Elko encourages its members to step forward, if they feel so called by God, to become Deacons of the church. These volunteers are led by a Moderator and Vice-Moderator who coordinate and oversee the Deacons’ activities. The Board of Deacons holds officer elections and appoints Deacons to its various committees annually in January.

Deacons serve on one or more of the following committees to perform a variety of vital church functions.

Communion Committee

This committee prepares, sets up, and cleans up for communion monthly and at special worship services. Ann Nisbet bakes all the communion bread.

Concern Committee

This committee responds to members and friends of our church that need special messages and attention. It focuses on folks with special prayer requests, who grieve, or who need companionship, messages of thanks, or other special needs. This committee also provides free Bibles and other literature to anyone interested. Look for the display in the hall by the church office window. If you know of someone who might need this committee’s help, contact the church office manager at (775) 738-3430 or leave a message using this website’s contact form.

Ushering, Recording, and Transportation Committee

This committee schedules Deacons for ushering, video recording the church services, and driving to church services those who need a ride.

Fellowship Committee

This committee sees that chairs and tables are set up for special functions at the church, such as the Heifer Brunch and service.

Community Outreach Committee

The Community Outreach, extends to the community the caring and sharing of our congregation. This committee provides special support to school children, Committee Against Domestic Violence, the Family Resource Center, Friends in Service Helping (FISH), and Underdog Ministries. It also provides Smith’s grocery gift cards for those in need. This committee sponsors the Christmas Gift Tree each December that fills the wish lists of those in need of Christmas cheer and charity.

For more information or to contact the Deacon Moderator, call the church office manager at (775) 738-3430 or leave a message using this website’s contact form.