The First Presbyterian Church of Elko is democratically governed by an elected group of church members called Elders, who are collectively called the Session. Elder candidates are nominated by the Session’s nominating committee or from the floor during a congregational meeting. If elected, Elders serve three year terms, unless they have been elected to fill the unexpired term of a previously elected Elder. Youth Elders are elected for a term of one year. Elders retain their title after their Session term ends.

The Session conducts the business of the church. The Pastor serves the church as the Session directs. The Session ensures that the church operates according to the Presbyterian Church USA (PC-USA) Book of Order. For more information about the the PC-USA and how it is organized, see this link.

Our pastor is the Session Moderator. She conducts the group’s meetings at the church at 7 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of each month except July and August. The Clerk of Session prepares minutes of Session meetings and takes care of most of the group’s paperwork. The Session’s Treasurer handles its accounting functions and works closely with the church’s Financial Secretary. The Youth Elder represents youth interests on the Session.

The work of the church falls largely on these people and other Session members who serve as chairmen and members of Session committees. Church members are nominated to serve on the Session in whatever capacity their personal gifts suggest and God’s guidance leads them. For more information about the Session and the activities of its various committees or to inquire about Session membership, call  (775) 738-3430 or submit a request via this website’s contact form.