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We believe that the church is Christ’s family of faith and through it we are called to love one another and the rest of humanity, as we have been loved by God. What we have learned and received and heard and seen in Jesus Christ, we should do.


We are called to do God’s work both for ourselves as a church family and for others in the community. We believe God calls the First Presbyterian Church of Elko to:

  •  Nurture programs that emphasize faith development and strong Christian Values.
  •  Commit to develop strong inter-group communications and organizational structure.
  •  Commit to membership growth through friendliness, tolerance, and by developing programs that meet individual, family, and community needs.
  •  Encourage each member’s gifts and talents to be used for full participation in church activities.
  • Proclaim our faith and strengthen outreach programs to our community.
  • Continue to support the Presbyterian Church, USA, and global ministries.