Mission donations are spent on special needs in the community, country, and world.  Session’s Mission Committee donates locally to help the Committee Against Domestic Violence, the Ruby Mountain Resource Center, Friends in Service Helping, and other community organizations. 

Reaching out beyond the community, the Mission Committee has contributed funds to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance when a natural disaster or warfare affects another area of the world.  For more information about Presbyterian Disaster Assistance worldwide, click here.

Mission Projects


2 Cents A Meal Program

Every member is invited to collect a few cents at every meal. The idea is that for those of us who can afford each meal, just 2 cents will help feed those who cannot afford that meal.  Funds are collected every third Sunday and then used to support local hunger ministries, such as FISH, Head Start, Community in Service, and Ruby Mountain Resource Center.

Micro Pantry

A micro pantry under the pergola in the church yard. It is stocked to provide an emergency food source without questions to anyone who needs help night or day.  People are invited to “Take what you need, give what you can.”

Special Offerings

The church supports Presbyterian Church (USA) national and foreign mission projects by participating in its April One Great Hour of Sharing and its Christmas Joy Offering. There will be information and envelopes for these offerings in the bulletins preceding the offerings.

Heifer Project International

The church annually participates in this international project  that uses donations to purchase farm animals to donate to individuals in underdeveloped countries and/or disaster areas. To raise money locally for this project, the Heifer Project committee sponsors a Heifer Brunch in September. Preceding the brunch, the Sunday church service is held outdoors and is attended by a variety of farm animals in addition to the congregation. The animals represent the various types of animals that the event’s free- will offering  will purchase. In the last ten years, Elko First Presbyterian Church has sent more than $35,000 to this worthwhile project. For more information about Heifer International, click here.